“For me Martial Arts is life. It taught me from the young age of four to be motivated, responsible, disciplined, and gave me something to motivate myself though everything. The art is something I hold very near to my heart; it has provided me with so much, whether it be a hard work ethic, or peace of mind knowing no matter what happens I’ll always be safe. Here at Uneed Martial Arts, I will commit myself to doing the very same for you, or your child. I will not let you down. It will be my pleasure to share this life changing knowledge with you. Let’s start this journey."

- Sifu Martinelli

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Senior Master Mike Selmon

Master Mike began his martial arts career in 1969 studying judo, receiving a brown belt and having an open competition record of 65 victories and no defeats. Sr Master Mike Selmon describes himself as being

"... on a personal mission to get the lifesaving benefits contained in the study of martial arts into the hands and hearts of the people who NEED THIS KNOWLEDGE, but wouldn't normally try it."

To this end, he has become one of the most innovative teachers in the field, utilizing music, costumes, dance, visual arts and the spoken word to dispel common Martial Arts stereotypes that hinder the general public. Hundreds of people today are enjoying the benefits that Martial Arts offers thanks to Master Mikes unique approach and teaching methods.


Assistant Instructor Sam

Gung-Fu has become like a second nature to me. Beginning my studies of the Royal System my senior year of high school, I was quickly surprised as to how much it became a part of my life and how involved I wanted to get. As time went on and I furthered my studies, it was almost as if the art became like a game. The more I studied, the more I learned and the further I was able to go. With each move that was learned, as I thought I had perfected it, I found that there was evolution with every step. This is an art that I will never be able to get enough of due to its ever changing nature. Whether I am teaching, in class or at rest, I strive to have the art live through me always. I am grateful for where I am and I can wait to see where I will end up.


Master Phillip Selmon

Master Selmon began studying the ancient arts of self-defense in 1975, as a first generation student under the tutelage of the internationally renowned Grand Master Arthur E. Sikes 

Selmon's training has included an eclectic mix of various Afro Asiatic/Indonesian Martial Arts, Southern styles of Kung Fu, Pencak Silat, the highest level of Tibetan Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Pa Qwa, Hsing I, Wing Chun, Herbal Medicine, and the deadly art of Kun Tao, the particular form of combat which is reserved for royalty, and only revealed within the family from Father to Eldest son or next immediate male descendant. Master Selmon has furthered his knowledge of Tai Chi (yang style) with the 32 Movement Form and Tai Chi Sword taught by Master Li You, and Master Xu Guanglie's long fist, Northern style.


Assistant Instructor James

James Sesay has been involved in martial arts for many years, having studied a variety of Chinese and Korean systems as well as boxing, before finally feeling most impressed and at home with Royal System Kung Fu. During elementary and high school, James began his martial journey by training in Tang Soo Do (Moo Duk Kwan). Upon graduation from high school, James joined the United States Marine Corps. While serving as a Sergeant in MCAS Yuma, he studied Judo and received In-Close Fighting and knife combat training. He was also a member of an on-base boxing team. After leaving the Marine Corps, James began training in the art of Hwa Rang Do with KwanJang Nim (Master) Tim L. Elliot in Phoenix, AZ. It was here that James began to blend hard and soft movements with linear and circular techniques that can be used offensively or defensively. After many years of study with Master Elliot, he began to further his martial training by studying boxing with Seferino Rodriguez (Rodriguez Boxing Club) and training at Laurita Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. All of the previous martial systems did not prepare James for his encounter with Cranston Forte (later to become his father-in-law). It was Cranston that introduced him to Royal System Kung Fu. James found that this system was beautiful, customizable, deadly and efficient. Learning from Masters Philip and Mike Selmon, and Sifu Joe Martinelli has been transformative and humbling for James. He now wishes to complete his training in this art and eventually open his own dojo, giving homage to Royal System Gung Fu and the late Grandmaster Arthur Sykes.


Master Earl Brantley

I started my training in the system of Royal Combat Gung Fu at the age of eight years old. I was introduced to the system by Master Joe Rivers, top student of Master Michael Selmon. At the age of twelve I started my training along side Master Rivers and Master Selmon. I was the youngest student of both Master Rivers and Master Selmon's to receive my green sash at just fifteen years old. I have been training for just over forty years now. Along the way, I also became a police officer, ending my service with twenty years of service. In that time, I was also a State of Ohio Basic Academy instructor, S.W.A.T. Team member, police defensive tactics instructor, and an Emergency Responders Operators Course instructor with Drive Team. I also have an Associate of Applied Science degree in Homeland Security/Information Technology from Stark State University (Ohio). Currently I instruct classes as well as am an Certified Executive Protection Management Specialist.

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Assistant Instructor Martell

Martell LaMar found his love for the martial arts at a young age, after watching his uncles Donovan LaMar and Cranston Forte' constantly practicing the craft with each other. He was soon introduced to Master Phillip Selmon around this time and began his training in Royal System Gung Fu. He continued practicing in Master Selmon's old art gallery for a time, and on more than one occasion, Martell even had the privilege to meet and train with Grandmaster Art Sykes before his untimely passing. Martell's beloved uncle Donovan passed away in 2004, and this event would come to play a major role in his development nearly 10 years later. In August of 2015, through his close family friend James Sesay, Martell would finally meet and befriend Sifu Joe Martinelli. To this day, Martell continues to honor Donovan's memory, training harder than ever under Sifu Martinelli and has achieved the rank and title of Green Sash Assistant Instructor at Uneed Martial Arts.


Sifu Joseph Martinelli

Studying Martial Arts since the age of four, Joe has succeeded in learning many different arts. Staring with Karate and working his way through Kenpō, earning high rank and recognition along the way, Sifu Martinelli has chosen to dedicate his focus to Royal System Kung Fu training under Senior Master, Mike Selmon. Holding two decades of experience and an understanding of numerous different arts, Sifu Martinelli excels at maintaining adaptability to effectively teach our system to many.